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Chiropractor Charlotte NC -Alternative Therapy For Injuries and Pain

Living with pain can be tough, especially, if you have a full-time job that requires you to perform strenuous activities. Medications will only mask the pain and actually cause you to become addicted. Another great alternative that is available to you is a chiropractor. Chiropractors use hands-on spinal manipulation that allows the body to heal itself, without the use of opioids, muscle relaxants, or surgery.

Neck Injuries

Many people do not realize it, but your neck supports the full weight of your head, which on average weighs around 12 pounds. While the neck allows you to move your head in every direction, the flexibility also makes it prone to injuries. Neck pain can be very painful and will affect your everyday life.

Whiplash is often associated with car accident victims. This condition occurs when the head is forced in one direction and rebounds in an opposite direction. Chiropractor Charlotte NC can assist you in treating these types of issues.

A chiropractor will perform neck adjustments, which are done by hand. These spinal manipulations and adjustments work to improve the mobility of the spine. After these types of adjustments, a patient will notice an improvement in their ability to turn or tilt their head. They will also notice a reduction in the pain and stiffness.

Chiropractor Charlotte NCBack Pain

Living with back pain is definitely not living, especially, when you have been diagnosed with chronic back injuries. Now your primary care physician may decide that you need to seek the advice of an orthopedic surgeon, which can leave you feeling downhearted and overwhelmed. Not only can back surgery be risky, but it can set you back for a long time, with some patients never being able to return to their job. This could potentially lead to financial ruin, especially, if you are the only member of the family that is employed. Instead, you should think positive and visit your chiropractor clinic. The professionals at Chiropractor Charlotte NC can help you get back on your feet, within a short period of time, without risky surgery and highly addictive analgesics or opiates therapy.

Improving Range of Motion

Do you suffer from osteoarthritis and have difficulty ambulating? If so, it is time to get control of your disease, before it consumes your entire life. There is nothing more devastating for someone that being tainted with a disability that prevents them from participating in the activities of daily living or family events.

Instead of undergoing extensive and aggressive treatments, you should consider Charlotte Chiropractor therapy. A chiropractor can manipulate your joints, which will improve alignment, decrease inflammation and edema, while improving your range of motion.

This is not to say that you will receive a miracle cure over night, but over time, you will be able to live a pain free and active lifestyle.

Headache Relief

Do you suffer from migraines, which leave you feeling so ill that you are unable to get out of bed? Millions of individuals have been diagnosed with migraine disorder, which requires extensive drug therapy. These drugs cause side effects including nausea, weakness, and lightheadedness. Instead of staying in bed, you should visit your local Charlotte Chiro clinic.

Migraines are linked to environmental and physical factors such as sitting in a fixed position for an extended period of time. The chiropractor will perform spinal manipulation and adjustments, which will relieve your symptoms, so you can maintain a normal lifestyle.

Chiropractic ClinicIndividualistic Approach

Throughout the years, a large number of chiropractor clinics have been established throughout the world. Unlike many of those businesses, our Chiropractor Charlotte NC company has been keen on working closely with each of our clients. Once you enter the offices or make contact with us, we’ll begin speaking to you about the specifics of your pain and suffering. Once we’ve collected enough information, we will be able to formulate a sound strategy, which will prove to be much more fruitful than any other approach.

All complications are unique and each patient is different. Therefore, our individualistic approach will ensure that you receive exceptional results.

Improving Posture

Over the years, it has been proven time and again that good posture is absolutely essential for a healthy life! If you’ve suffered through back injuries, good posture might be able to speed up your recovery. Of course, you do not need to suffer from an injury or even pain, in order to benefit from good posture. With our team of experts, you will be able to establish and maintain good posture, which will provide you with the astounding benefits presented below.

• Improves breathing
• Can help to increase focus and critical thinking
• Makes you much more presentable
• Boosts mood
• Helps to prevent health complications

As you can see from the list above, the combination of benefits can improve your mental and physical health. Therefore, visiting a chiropractor in Charlotte is absolutely essential and will provide you with overall improved health.


At the end of the day, we’ll be here for you, when you need relief from back or neck pain. If you want to avoid surgery, but desire relief, you will want to contact us immediately and begin scheduling an appointment.